Redistribute The Pain Fundraising Campaign

For the past year the Redistribute the Pain Campaign has been successful in recruiting confined brothers & sisters, and their loved ones. Involving them in telling their stories, becoming their own best advocates and bringing the issues of Legalized Slavery to the forefront of society’s consciousness. We have done so without ANY financial contributions, but with the blood, sweat and tears of Brother Bennu Hannibal Sun & Queen Tahiyrah. We also established partnerships with thFree Alabama MovementFree Ohio Movement – FOMDecarcerate Louisiana & the National Freedom & Justice Movement, The Free Mississippi Movement & the Peoples Platform for Equality & Justice. While we appreciate the support in sharing our message, we worked really hard on getting into 31 states and 73 facilities, and we need your help to continue our mission! We are looking forward to 2019, with determination and commitment. Please contribute to the campaign via our GoFundMe page Thank you for your time & ccommitment to the struggle teliminate legalized slavery in America. If you have any questions, please give me call at 513-913-2691, if you have any questions. Respectfully, The Free Alabama Movement.Ps. We appreciate and recognize that not everyone can make a financial contribution, and we respect that, so can you please share this with anyone who may be able to aid & assist? Thanks again. Queen Tahiyrah Go Fund Me Pageamerica pain 2019.jpg


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