Help Us… So we may conitnue to help the People…

Hello, it’s me Queen Tahiyrah (Facebook LINK Queen Tahiyrah). I am a part of a group called the National Freedom & Justice Movement, an Advocate for people who are in the prison system. We work with groups like the Free Ohio Movement, Free Alabama Movement, UnHeard Voices, as well as quite a few more… We are a part of the overall movement to give a voice to those who are incarcerated, assist them with maintaining family & community ties and when requested, assist them by referring them to organizations who specialize in everything from Mental Health Services, Educational opportunities, including ordering and sending materials, Legal Assistance; to assisting those on the outside, locate their loved ones who have gotten lost in the system.
We are on a few Campaigns throughout 2018: Voice Your Vote Voter Registration Initiative This is a way for every eligible Voter to use their Vote as their Voice when they go to the polls. We also are sharing ways to register to vote, setting up tables at community events and door knocking in urban communities. Community Peace & Unity Summits Bringing together the people most effected by violence & mass incarceration, in a safe environment so that more communal conversations can be had, and bridges may be built Back to School is Cool School Supply Drive We are collecting school supplies at every opportunity, so that we may be a year-round resource for children & families when they need help throughout the school year. Just to name a few….. We are writing to you to ask for your support. Will you please make a monetary donation via our You Caring Page:
We also are requesting books, school supplies and referrals to others who share in our mission to help people and have resources to offer. Another one of our projects is the magazine Barz Beyond Barz: Voices from Behind Enemy Lines, which is a monthly, full color publication, made up of contributions and submissions from confined citizens. The first copy is available on Amazon; however, you also can make a contribution (10.00 per copy) and save yourself the shipping and handling fee and will send it to you directly. Our first issue is 40 pages! We are quite proud of it and would love for you to see first hand how talented and insightful the information is.
The last thing Id like to share is our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast called Sign o the Times. We air Tuesday through Friday from 6 to 8 pm EST. Discussions vary from Health, Education, Community Building, Asset Development, Communications, Spirituality (not religion) and overall Community Empowerment. Check us out at Please consider contributing to this as well. We will be celebrating our 5th Year on the air this July 13, 2018! And if you would like to be a Guest, please give me a call at 513-913-2691.
Thank you so much for your time today.
Queen Tahiyrah Host of Sign o the Times Blog Talk Radio, Director of the Free Ohio Movement & the National Freedom & Justice Movement, Publisher & Editor of Barz Beyond Barz & Your Sister in the Struggle

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